R2DIO accelerates innovations to impact.

Our software enables laboratory scientists and process engineers to
see further
learn faster
more clearly
in everything they do from Research to Deployment.

R&D Before R2DIO:

Out-of-spec R&D leads to…

• Time wasted on inconclusive and irreproducible results
• Signals worth $MM/yr lost in experimental noise
• Tech transfer deadlines missed, budgets overrun
• At-scale operations underperforming predictions

R&D After R2DIO:

R2DIO‘s software tools and services get R&D under control and into spec. We help interdisciplinary technical teams enter a virtuous cycle of continuously improving experiments and deeper insights:

→ Teams test their hypotheses with methods that are fit-for-use
→ Efficient experiments resolve valuable signals from noise
→ Scaling becomes more predictable and less costly
→ Fewer meetings, more insights, improved collaboration

R2DIO's R&D I/O Platform:

R2DIO makes it easier to increase R&D throughput and productivity compared with today’s ELN and LIMS products. Our innovative interfaces for data capture, warehousing, visualization & curation streamline the movement of data into analytical tools and insights back to the lab.

Easier to configure

So easy to configure, you can onboard most research operations to R2DIO in <1 day.

Easier to get data in

So easy to get your data in, you’ll wonder why no other software product works like R2DIO.

Easier to get data out

So easy to get your data out, you’ll answer questions you would not have thought to ask before using R2DIO.

Easier to improve

So powerful, you can re-contextualize historical data as your team’s understanding of those data keeps evolving and improving. 

Out of the Reproducibility Crisis

R2DIO enables interdisciplinary R&D teams to…

think incisively about signal and noise

recognize outliers and what to do about them

curate lab and engineering data to facilitate collaboration

shape R&D data for multivariate statistical analysis

automate routine data analytical pipelines

make AI and Machine Learning more routine and more effective

define R&D performance objectives

measure R&D performance

improve R&D performance