Better Data

Who made/did/measured this? When? Is it good? What does “good” even mean in this case? ... With R2DIO you can make all of this context explicit, accessible and intelligible with surprisingly few clicks.

Better Analysis

Don’t settle for merely digitizing your data: demand answers to virtually any question you might ask of your team’s integrated lab and engineering data. Get the answers you seek more quickly and more easily with R2DIO.

Better Insights

R2DIO enables you to make your measurements more accurate, more precise and more curated. Your data are ultimately more true, more shareable and more impactful.

Better AI/Machine Learning

R2DIO not only streamlines data cleaning and quality tagging, it enables your team to design better experiments and to collect more complete and more accurate data in the first place.

Better Teamwork

No one has time to second-guess what everyone else is doing. R2DIO enables you to build trust by deploying the kinds of data review processes that accelerate interdisciplinary tech development.

Better Training

R2DIO users learn how to improve the quality of their R&D by making their measurements more repeatable, their experiments more reproducible, their data analysis more automated and their use of statistical methods more effective.