In the Lab

We love what we do and we love who we do it with, so why does our work feel like more heat than light nowadays? Recent experiments we all expected to move the needle proved disappointing, and last year’s most exciting results seem inconsistent with everything we’ve been observing lately.

If your goal is total mastery over the composition of matter — its performance, its purity, its genotype, its taste or its cost — we designed R2DIO for you. Your colleagues who are responsible primarily for digitizing their data will find R2DIO easy to use and a big boost to their own productivity as well. But for those of you who are passionate about understanding, prediction or profitability, R2DIO can help you take your R&D to a whole new level of efficiency and efficacy.

On the Floor

We want to move fast to scale our technology and get our products out the door. But doing failed runs in our pilot and demo plants sure seems like a waste of precious time, not just precious money. The things we learn from our lab experiments and our plant runs really ought to reinforce the work our teams are doing at both scales.

If your goal is to avoid burning cash and losing time while building manufacturing capacity and quality systems for product release, we designed R2DIO for you. Your colleagues who were taught that doing process development at scale is an unavoidable cost of rapid technology development will appreciate how much easier it is to design, execute and analyze their experiments with R2DIO. But for those of you who believe a demonstration plant should teach you more about how to manage shifts than how to manipulate molecules, R2DIO can help you scale with exceptional reliability and speed.

In the Field

The future is plant-based! Our experiments can’t be rushed, but the time while our crops are growing is time we can spend learning as much as possible from the last harvest and strategizing how to learn as much as possible with the next.

If your goal is to ensure the questions you ask at the beginning of each season are answered definitively at its end, we designed R2DIO for you. Your colleagues with more patience will appreciate how well R2DIO can integrate all kinds of measurements and make them so much easier to cross-reference and visualize. But for those of you who are inspired to design multi-factor experiments that are robust to nuisance factors like soil composition and weather, R2DIO can help you increase your signal-to-noise ratios and make your AI/Machine Learning more impactful.

Across the Board

Our team is going to set a record for time-to-market at our company! We have already made tremendous progress in a variety of technical functions, but we still have a ways to go, and everything has to come together in the end.

If your goal is to accelerate product development, we designed R2DIO for you. R2DIO is an intelligent R&D I/O software product that enables laboratory scientists and process engineers to see further, learn faster and communicate more clearly… Can your team see clearly?

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