Our Customers

We’ve designed R2DIO for everyone who wants to accelerate progress towards their technical objectives:

  • Early-stage start-ups
  • Mid-stage start-ups
  • Global corporations
  • Foundations
  • Universities
  • Publicly funded R&D centers

Our Company

R2DIO’s founders have experience managing teams and projects in:

We've designed R2DIO to accelerate and integrate all of these activities.

We understand the end-to-end challenges of product development.

We understand the ways other R&D software products let you down.

We can demonstrate how quickly R2DIO can add value across all of your technical teams.

Our People

Tom Treynor, Founder/CEO

Tom is a leading Scientific and Statistical Consultant who shaped the culture of R&D Quality at Amyris and then again at Zymergen. He is also a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley and the inaugural chair of SynBioBeta’s working group on R&D Performance Improvement. Prior to his role as Founder and CTO of Treynor Consulting, Tom was VP Product Development and Application Support at Riffyn. While Director of Test Operations at Zymergen, Tom led a team of Fermentation Engineers, Analytical Chemists and High-Throughput Screeners that crafted some of the world’s most accurate strain performance measurement systems. As both a Principal Quality Engineer and Protein Engineer at Amyris, Tom made distinctive contributions to the development of its anti-malarial, fuels, polymers, lubricants and F&F products.

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Li Kung, Founder/CTO
As the Director of Informatics and Software, Li managed the building of the platform for high throughput DNA synthesis at Gen9 (currently part of Ginkgo Bioworks).  As the founder of Prismatic Beam Consulting, he has built tools for various companies in synthetic biology and DNA sequencing. Li is committed to leveraging software for the acceleration of scientific research, through his dual experience as a trained scientist and experience leading a team of software engineers.
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